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HVAC Repair Toronto


Winters in Toronto ON are harsh and annual HVAC maintenance is essential, especially if you want to avoid inefficiencies and bad performance and costly repairs. Do you have any furnace problem? Well, our HVAC maintenance experts are able to deal with those problems effectively by performing the 25 point furnace precision tune-up. These experts are TSSA-certified. TSSA - Technical Standards & Safety Authority is a certification organization for ventilation, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning technicians.

Our HVAC maintenance experts undergo a rigorous training and thus are more than qualified to perform any heating and cooling equipment maintenance. They can perform all furnace and air conditioner maintenance and repairs regardless if your HVAC system is gas, electric, dual fuel, oil, heat pump or a boiler. So you can rest assured you will be getting professional service from us.

Did you know that on average your furnace runs about 3300 hours per year? If you put this “run time” in perspective, a vehicle driven the same amount of hours at an average speed of 80 km per hour would travel more than 260,000 km. Obviously you would not allow such a journey without arranging oil changes, lubrication and tune-ups. Same applies to you heating equipment. That’s why a furnace that is properly maintained will stay in good working condition for a long period of time. The furnace will be able to provide comfort even in the harsh winter seasons like we have in Toronto.  

Our HVAC maintenance experts usually offer precision tune-up and maintenance plans. These plans include:

1. Examining and cleaning the gas burner section- The HVAC experts thoroughly inspect heat exchanger surface for chips or any signs of wear. This is very crucial as it enables your furnace to maintain peak efficiency. A worn out gas burner can present looming danger for everyone in the household. To keep your family safe, you need to utilize the services of a furnace expert.

2. Verifying correct airflow as well as blower operation- This ensures the air is circulating properly in your home. Correct airflow brings warmth to the house. Moreover, it prevents carbon monoxide from leaking into your house. HVAC  maintenance experts are able to inspect if there is any gas leaks in your gas furnace. Verifying if you have the correct airflow will ensure your furnace runs smoothly and it enhances your safety as well. 

3. Confirm calibration of the gas valve- The operation of the unit fuel is examined carefully in order to deliver the right pressure to the furnace. Your unit fuel should have the right pressure in order to ensure comfort, especially during the cold seasons. A gas valve should function properly in order to enhance both safety and efficiency.

4. Examining all electrical components- These components are crucial when it comes to proper functioning of your HVAC system. You have to ensure your systems electrical components are checked annually for corrosion, damage and safe operation. This will prevent unforeseen problem with any of the parts during the cold winter season. 

5. Comfort system inspection- The heating and cooling service usually includes 11-point health report card. This enables you to spot any risks associated with the quality of air in your home.

Routine equipment maintenance has numerous benefits. It's able to reduce the cost of furnace and AC repairs as well as aid in reducing your energy bills. Regular maintenance helps to reduce your unit's fuel consumption. If you correctly maintain your HVAC equipment, then it will run more efficiently and you will be able to maximize its life.

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