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Conditioning the humidity in indoor environment is the best way of improving indoor air quality and has a lot of benefits. A whole-house furnace humidifier is a perfect cost-effective solution to maintaining a relative humidity level that is both comfortable and promotes good health.

From respiratory infections that thrive in sore or raspy throats, nasal blockages, and aggravated asthma attacks among other symptoms, to promoting the growth of disease-causing bacteria, most people find that they are overly sensitive to dry air below 30% RH. You may also experience some static shock and notice cracks on wooden furniture, drywalls and casing joints.

A furnace humidifier will save you quite a bit in utility bills. Dry air does not hold heat, and in order to keep the temperatures at a comfortable level, you will need to dial up your thermostat which in turns increases the utility bills. Controlling the relative humidity in your space allows you to achieve the same level of comfort after dialing down the thermostat just a few degrees, helping you to make great savings.

The benefits of installing a furnace humidifier cannot be underestimated and they are well worth your investment. 


AprilAire Humidifier - 500/600

The Aprilaire 500/600 Model Humidifier is a whole-home option that assists you to obtain overall convenience through humidity control. The 500/600 Model is attached on your main HVAC system ductwork by a local heating expert.

  • Provides optimal levels of comfort with the Automatic Digital Humidifier Control.

  • Offers essential service, temperature level and relative humidity signs in manual mode.

  • Humidifies air tight houses up to 3,000 sq/ft in size.

  • Works quietly with easy yearly tune-up.

  • Comes with a drain to flush water from the system.

  • Includes left or right discharge change-over.

  • Has an evaporation capability of 2 liters per hour.


AprilAire Steam Humidifiers Model 800

The Aprilaire Model 800 Humidifier is a whole-home option that assists you to obtain overall convenience through humidity control. As a steam design, the 865 model requires for ductless heating system and other specialized heater. These units must be installed by local heating expert.

  • Runs separately of your heating system to accommodate bigger houses (up to 6,200 sq/ft).

  • Provides maximum levels of humidity control with the Automatic Digital Humidifier Control.

  • Works silently and with easy service. You just have to change the canister.

  • Has a capability of 43, 60, 75, 87, and 130 liters each day, depending upon electrical draw.

  • Utilizes cold water, which might be hard, softened or soft.

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