• UV Air Purifier

  • Ultraviolet light is the part of the light spectrum which is not visible to our eyes while UV is part of the ultraviolet ray spectrum. UV is a short wave ultraviolet. UV air purifiers are meant for disinfection and killing of bacteria's, germs and dust mites which cause diseases such as flu and viral infections. With many types of research, it has been found that the air within the home is dirtier than the air outside the house, especially within the congested homes. In short, we can say that dirty air all around us. There are many solutions available in the market for purification of the air such as carbon filter, UV filter but a UV purifier is one of the best solutions as it's very efficient and safe. UV air purifiers used in hospitals by the doctors for the sanitization. As we all know a purifier's primary function is to purify the air and make it clean and free from pollutants and contaminants in the air.

    UV air purifiers are meant especially for the people suffering from allergies from air or even asthma. The purifiers make life easy for the people suffering from allergies and breathing problems such as asthma by providing clean air that is free from pollutants, dust mites and bacteria's. UV air filter keeps you safe by killing the disease-causing bacteria and even particles that contribute to the diseases such as pollen, dust and pet dander. You will also be protected from the smoke particles and gasses which enter your house. These smoke particles can be hazardous, and hence you need to eliminate them, using effective means of solutions. It gives protection against all the types of smoke and pollutants. Having a UV Light Air Purifier would make you a clean and healthy air within your house that keeps you and family free from diseases. Over the time with constant usage of UV air purifiers you can start seeing results such as a significant decrease in your allergy condition.

    If you are someone who is suffering from asthma, allergies then an UV air purifier is an excellent choice which would remove all the pollutants and particles making your home free from odor's and smells. 

  • SANUVOX R+ In-Duct UV Air Treatment System

    The Sanuvox R+ represents an evolution in UV In-Duct Air Treatment. The high-efficiency patented design destroys airborne bio-chemical contaminants while providing important user information on the 3” Back-Lit LCD display.

    Installed into the return or supply plenum, the Sanuvox proprietary process maximizes contact time between the air and UV energy. With the ability to treat homes up to 4,000 sq.ft., the Sanuvox R+ represents the very best in UV Air Purification.