• Indoor Air Quality

  • For a person to stay healthy, they need clean air specifically indoor air. Unknown to most people is the fact that indoor air is twice, five times or even a hundred times more polluted than the levels of outdoor air.

    Consumers Comfort Inc. has IAQ products that have all the features needed to efficiently purify indoor air. For instance, we have humidifiers that control air moisture, Heat Recovery Ventilators that bring in fresh air from outside the house, and advanced ultraviolet lamps that eliminate germs and harmful bacteria from the air. Last but not least we carry electronic and traditional air filters that clean the air before circulating it into the house.

    When buying air cleaners, a homeowner should look for one that effectively eliminates bacteria, animal dander, pollen and other pollutants from the air. In addition, the equipment should not make loud noise but rather be quiet and energy-efficient. Such units guarantee free-flowing pollutant free air into the house.

    To find out more about how the pollutants in and around our homes affects the quality of the indoor air, and the way to improve the quality of air, get in touch with Consumers Comfort today.