• HRV - Heat Recovery Ventilators

  • Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilators

    A winter without some form of heating could be a sheer agony for anyone. Although, there's a fair amount of mechanical ventilation methods out there, heat recovery ventilation (HRV) is one of the very best. 

    An HRV system is mostly utilized in cooler climates. It is basically a ventilation unit that can be conveniently installed in your house to provide you with enhanced movement and circulation in the air. The internal air filters are what that bring in the fresh air your house requires!

    Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilator

    HRVs comprise of numerous benefits not just for you and your family, but for the well-being of your sweet home as well. 

    Fresh Indoor Environment 
    An increased amount of members in your household could lead to a cramped environment. The standard home frequently tends to have higher water vapor levels and carbon dioxide than what is considered healthy for the average person. Heat Recovery Ventilation helps in giving you much fresher environment to live in by expelling the stale air from your home. This also assists in alienating symptoms of allergies such as asthma. 

    These units can be hanged on the ceiling in the furnace room, fitted onto the wall in the furnace room, or can be just left to sit on the floor - goes to shows its flexibility. The installation requires a professional to do so.

    Holds the Heat 

    Similar to a balanced home ventilation system, an HRV warms up the incoming fresh air by making use of the heat in the outgoing air. Most units have two fans - one takes out used household air while the other brings in the fresh hair.

    Mode of Working 
    You would expect mechanical devices to be noisy due to the impact they make. One standout feature is that they're optimized to run quietly, and may be only a low buzz could be heard from them, or not at all. 

    Cost Effective
    This system is cost effective as it saves you the money you would require to heat up your home when it gets really cold. You would also cut down on your electric bills in case you were using a different alternative to this system. You pay for one system, and it ventilates and heats up your home at the same time.

    To wrap it up, they are a great way to avoid opening all your windows and having all sorts of unpleasant draughts battering their way in. As a result, your home will be much more efficient now!

  • Bronze Series - 60H+ HRV

    The new 115 CFM 60H+ HRV is HVI and ENERGY STAR® certified. This powerful, versatile  and efficient unit is the perfect choice for small single family homes, residential towers and other small-area residences.  The C12 HRV is coming with a 5-year warranty on parts and a limited lifetime warranty on the heat recovery core.

    The 60H+ HRV has a low profile construction for ceiling mount in closet or above hot water tank. The selection of vertical or horizontal ports models allows for flexible and versatile installation. The 60H+ HRV uses a unique defrosting method, that prevents ice build-up on recovery module without creating negative indoor air pressure.